BluCollarTactical Patriot 2 Point Sling

The BluCollarTactical Patriot sling is one of the best simple 2 point slings around. We’ve created a simple two point rifle sling that will last a lifetime.
We’ve made it from the best material and components we can find in the USA. This sling that won’t ever fail you.  If you are looking for a two point rifle sling that will last you until the sun stops coming up in the morning, this is it! Did we mention it's 100% made in the USA?

It's very simple to install and use.

  • 1.25" Tube nylon webbing for added comfort. (Made in the USA)
    Compatible with any 1.25" sling mount.
  • 70" Max Length for ultimate adjustment.
  • Highest Quality Plastic Adjusters. (Made in the USA)
  • Super simple to use, even you can figure it out.
  • 100% stealth mode. No metal parts to clang around.
  • You'll wear out before this sling ever does.


  • We set out to create a simple sling that would last a lifetime.  We did not want any stitching or fancy adjusters that could break or fail. Instead we built a tough, rugged, USA made product that we are proud to stand behind.    1.25″ tube webbing gives you a soft and sturdy rifle sling that is compatible with all 1.25″ sling mounts.Flat tube webbing provides double strength so that the sling holds up to wear and tear better than many other products on the market. Flat tube webbing is extremely durable and does not fray like other one-ply webbing.
  • The sling comes with non-slip, high quality, USA made adjusters. We chose HEAVY-duty adjusters to pair with the durable tube webbing.  Unlike metal adjusters that bend and scratch your rifle, these adjusters are quiet with no metal clanging noise.
  • The sling is fully adjustable from the full 70" down to whatever length fits you best.  As you can see in the photo, you can adjust the sling yourself by simply moving the plastic adjusters to hold and secure your webbing where you want it.  Use all four adjusters to get the perfect fit.

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