AMRAP Tactical Heavy Duty Rifle QD Sling Swivel (2 Pack) USA Made

We worked hard to put a QD Sling Swivel on the market that we at AMRAP could be proud of. So many QD's on the market today are weak and fail to hold up to the daily use and demand we put on them. The biggest problem most people have is QD's that fail to hold into the weapon when put under tension and movement. There is nothing worse than when your weapon falls to the ground because of a failure of the QD.

We've fixed all those problems with this heavy duty US Made Sling Swivel.

  • 1.25" Inside Width
  • Recessed Button
  • 400lb Breaking Strength
  • Non Reflective Finish (for the super secret missions)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made In The USA



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