Picatinny Rail Sling Mount

Are you tired of wrapping your sling in your hand guard or around the free float? This new item fixes that! This simply mounts onto your picatinny or weaver rail on the front of your rifle for an amazing sling mount. This works on any rifle with rails.  You'll love this item!


**Not for single point sling or three point sling** Only works for two point slings.


Fits Picatinny and Weaver Rails Snugly and Wont Wobble Or Make Noise. This is a SNUG FITTING ITEM

Slings With a 1”-1.25” Width Have a Perfect Fit With This Mount. Fits Any Sling With Flat Webbing

Weighs only 13g! The dimension Of The Mount Approximately- 1.5” Wide And 3/4” high.

Perfect Design For Flawless Operations, Wont Allow Your Sling To Twist At This Attachment

Simple Install, just slide it on and tighten the bolt. (May Take a little effort, It Fits Snug)


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